TXML editor perspective

Find below a sample TXML editor perspective screenshot:



Find below the description for the various components of the TXML editor perspective:





Title bar

view the project name.

Menu bar

carry out all the functions, some of which are also included in the tool bar. Refer to TXML editor menu options.

Tool bar

quickly complete common functions. You can rollover the shortcut icons to see its function.

TXML perspective icon

view the TXML editor perspective. The TXML editor perspective is the workspace for managing translation projects. This perspective allows you to translate files by leveraging translation memory and terminology. Refer to Managing projects.

Main translation window

translate a file. This is the work space for translating files. Refer to Translating in a project.

TM Lookup window

view TM leverage results and context searching. You can either search for a term or a phrase and the source and target segments appear in a table format. Refer to Using TM Lookup window.

Txml Context

view the TXML context of the currently open file. Refer to Viewing TXML Context.



view, edit and delete notes specific to each segment. Refer to Using notes.


Segment Changes

view the segment changes in the currently open file. Refer to Viewing segment changes.

Outline window

quickly navigate a file from one source segment to another. Refer to Using Outline window.