Using Outline window

The Outline window is used for source segment navigation. The source for each translatable segment is listed with color coded icons that represent the translation score. The segments that need to be confirmed are also marked by an asterisk (*) in the Outline window. Find below an example of an Outline window:


Navigating using Outline window

To view a source segment, in the Outline window, place the cursor on a source segment and left click.

The source segment is selected and highlighted.

Sorting segments

To sort the source segments, click on the drop down list.
The following options appear:


to view...

Show all

all segments.

100% only

100% translation memory matches.

Fuzzy only

fuzzy or partial translation memory matches.

No match

no matches only.

Modified Segments

modified segments only.

All Except 100%

all segments except 100% translation memory matches.

With Notes

segments with notes. Go to Using notes for more information.

Empty target

segments with empty targets.


segments that are autopropagated. Go to Enabling Auto Propagation for more information.

With transcheck errors

segments with transcheck errors. Go to Using Transcheck for more information.


segments that are unconfirmed. Go to Confirming or Unconfirming segments for more information.

With edited source

segments with modified source content. Go to Editing source segment for more information.

With revisions

revised segments. Go to Viewing segment changes for more information.


Outline window default color representation

Find below the list of default color representations for source and target segments in the Translation window:




Fuzzy match


No match or NA


100% match


Segment modified since the original file was created


Segment modified and updated to translation memory

Go to Defining color codes for more information.