Thursday Night - DINNER & BOWLING

What better way to kick off the conference than a happy dinner?!? Join us at the Happy Bar and Grill across from the hotel at 19:00 for dinner. This dinner is not included in the conference package and you will be able to order from the menu. Your first chance to start Exchanging with colleagues, speakers, and the Wordfast team.
After dinner, we will go to the bowling alley and billiards parlor adjacent to the hotel for a bowling tournament! We'll put you in teams based on the tool you use. Compare to see who has the best golf skills! 

If you want to participate in bowling tournament, please select the additional item during registration. All proceeds from this event will be donated to Nothing But Nets to help eradicate malaria.

After the tournament, late night revelers can gather in the rooftop piano bar of the conference hotel to continue Building their network.

Wordfast bowling showdown Billiards if you can’t bowl


Located on the beachfront a short walk from the conference hotel, the Sea Terrace is a unique restaurant that plunges out into the Black Sea. We’ll have the entire restaurant to ourselves for a three-course Bulgarian dinner, followed by drinks and dancing at Cubo next door. Wear a red, white or blue accessory for a colorful Wordfast group picture!

The Sea Terrace Gala Dinner Seaside Terrace with a view


We will close the conference with a farewell dinner at Mr. Baba’s pirate ship restaurant. Yes, we will be dining on an antique caravel ship! This dinner is included in the full conference package.  

Mr. Baba Pirate Ship Caravel Dinner Bulgarian specialties


SUNDAY RUN - Race for Nets

Much to our dismay, the Varna Marathon races have been rescheduled to the weekend before our conference. Nonetheless, several Wordfast staff members will go for an 8.4 km or 16.8 km run on Sunday morning. The course will pass through the central pedestrian zone of Varna and the Seaside Garden. Wordfast will donate one bednet to eradicate malaria for each conference attendee that runs with us!

Daytime Excursions

Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria and the largest on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Its location on the Northern shore of the Black Sea, along with its wealth of natural resources make it one of the most famous Black Sea resorts, by far the largest one in the region. It also happens to be on the crossroads between Western Europe and the Middle East.

The region of Varna (including Golden Sands and Saints Constantine and Helena Resorts) is well-known with its magnificent wide beaches, warm blue sea and healing hot mineral springs. In Saints Constantine and Helena Resort area there are seven mineral springs with a water temperature between 40 and 60 degrees.

Varna has an impressive nightlife and many say that the city never sleeps. In the summer many of the bars and restaurants are located directly on the beach, near the Seaside Garden.

Beach networking

Please see below for suggested excursions during the day, at your own discretion.

Festa Dolphinarium Festa Dolphinarium is the only attraction of its kind in Bulgaria. It is situated amidst the greenery in the Northern part of the Seaside Garden of Varna and offers a wonderful view over the sea. The Dolphinarium was opened on 11.08.1984 and is one of the symbols not only of Varna but also of the Bulgarian tourism. The Dolphinarium is a permanent site on the agenda of all visitors of the Black Sea coast.
Nikolai Kopernik Astronomical Observatory & Planetarium
The first astronomical complex in Bulgaria was officially opened on May 22, 1968. It consists of an observatory, a planetarium and a tower with a Foucault pendulum. Nikolai Petrov was the Director of the observatory from its opening to 1989.
Varna Aquarium
The Varna Aquarium informs the public about Black Sea flora and fauna and the hydrological and hydro-chemical characteristics of the Black Sea.
The living exhibition of the aquarium includes representatives of all groups of the Black Sea fauna. The largest in number are the species from the Mediterranean complex, which came through the Bosphorus. The Black Sea fish fauna includes about 140 species, of which sprat, scad, mackerel, belted bonito, turbot, Danube herring, anchovy, different kinds of grey mullet, goby and others.