Defining penalties

Penalties are defined to maintain high quality of the content leveraged from translation memory. A value is assigned to each of the penalties, which are taken into account to calculate the translation score. This score is used to differentiate between golden or 100 %, fuzzy and no match.


To define penalties:

  1. Open Wordfast Pro and click .
    The TXML perspective appears.

  2. Click Edit > Preferences > Translations > Translation Memory > Penalties.
    The Preferences (Filtered) Penalties dialog box appears.


  3. Enter values for penalties. Find below the list of penalties and description:




    penalizes different case in letters.

    Non literal

    penalization is for punctuations, space, special characters like apostrophes, dashes, quotes and so on


    penalizes different tags.


    penalizes if attributes differ.

    Private TU

    penalizes workgroup Translation Unit (TU).

    Public TU

    penalizes non-workgroup TU.

    Local TM

    penalizes TU from local desktop copy.

    Remote TM

    penalizes TU from remote TM.


    penalizes TUs coming from an alignment.

    Machine translation

    penalizes TUs coming from MT.

    Multiple translations

    penalizes TUs if there are duplicates within the TM with different translations.

    Match file names

    consider filename as an attribute for penalization.

    Custom Attribute

    consider this attribute name for penalization.